"Restraining Order"
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Georgia Donaldson said... 08/18/06 8:34 AM

Congratulations on the article in the newspaper!!!! You are obvioulsy a man of many talents--wanna be a celebrity guest next year? xxxgeorgia

Marshall Schiller said... 08/18/06 1:35 PM

Saw article in the newspaper, and had to check out the toons. Really enjoyed the "mid-life" series in the archives, as well as the rest of your series.

winston said... 08/18/06 1:35 PM

I'm trying to remember the name of your strip in the Daily Tar Heel. What was it?

I am glad, though, to see your style has evolved.

Anne Cox Layne/JWBCO said... 08/18/06 3:48 PM

Too cute...and your cartoon's good, too!!
Tell Coop she's a lucky gal - sweet, good-lookin'
AND talented - what a package.
Love to you both,
PS - Only got to hit the high points, this morning,
but will read the whole article, when I get home -

adam Cohen said... 08/21/06 11:54 AM

hi, winston:

couldn't find an email link on your blog...the strip at UNC was called "Herschel." see Mose this friday (8/25) for an interesting Herschel redux.

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