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Daniel B. Martin said... 11/15/06 7:12 AM

Hello Adam Cohen.

I'm a newcomer to Mose and hope to learn more about your cast of characters. Who (or what) is this creature with a star on top of its head? Is there a page on your web site which explains any of this?

Daniel B. Martin

adam Cohen said... 11/15/06 9:26 AM

Hi, Daniel:

Thanks for the comment. This star-headed guy's name is Floyd Frisbee. There's really no explanation for his appearance...that's just how he rolls. :-)

This is Phase 1 of this website...in the next few months, I'm hoping to roll out Phase 2, which will have things like bios, an expanded Store, links, and much more.

Actually, the bios will probably just be links to MySpace pages for each chatacter. There's already one of these for Mose here: http://www.myspace.com/mosecartoon

Thanks again,


adam said... 11/15/06 10:29 AM

Make sure The Zit gets a myspace page too. :) Everyone seems to like him, hes got charisma! (not to mention a great attitude)

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