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laurie said... 12/08/06 1:35 AM

re: 10.24.06 comic, it's too bad mose wasn't playing cards with star-head man (dangit i can't remember his name again). he would'a been right there with him on the maths.

plus. fritz's hair is getting better and better and even better!

adam said... 12/08/06 10:38 AM


Congratulations on 6 months of Mose. Thanks for the entertainment. Who knew you were so funny?!?

When you have some time, we need to get together and discuss community building, merchandising and distribution.


Adam Cohen said... 12/08/06 1:17 PM

Thanks, dude. FYI, in about 3 weeks, Mose is going to be changing radically, content-wise. I'll email subscribers with a heads-up/explanation. And I hope to have a big site redesign up in January. Stay tuned!

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