"The Bouncy Place"
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the schultz said... 12/18/06 9:32 AM

Now I can't wait till Marcus is old enough for me to take him there.

Whatever happened to a good old fashioned plastic ball pit?

Somehow, the technology stopped somewhere around a 400sq ft room.

I feel like they (the ball pit engineers) never pushed the boundaries of the medium. . Perhaps they just lacked the imagination to take the technology to the next level. Then again, maybe was it just cost prohibitive and somehow up ended the fun/sq ft algorithm.

In my opinion, if someone were to fill a 10,000 sq ft warehouse with plastic balls 3 to 4 feet deep with a rubber floor, it would be amazing.
Throw in a couple of diving boards some rope swings and a a stocked bar and i don't think i would ever l leave.

Adam Cohen said... 12/18/06 9:44 AM

i hear ya.

these new places are awesome, but you'll see the main problem with them tomorrow. (of course, let's not forget to look at this from a metaphorical angle, as well. :-)

laurie said... 12/18/06 11:04 AM

the schultz -- you *did* hear about the razor blades in the ball pits, didn't you? s'far as i can recall, i think that's what happened to them. but they sure were amazing.

and having been to the bouncy place myself, i can attest to it's awesome awesomeness.

great illo of the inflatable world, btw, adam.

Adam Cohen said... 12/18/06 1:38 PM

thx, you turned me onto it! bless your bouncy heart.

the schultz said... 12/18/06 4:15 PM

Ah, the razorblades. Well that and a good flu outbreak are 2 great reasons for the fall of the plastic ball pit.

I would imagine though that razorblades could do some damage at the bouncy place too.

Actually, I cant imagine an instance where a bunch of razorblades wouldn't ruin an otherwise great time.

Adam Cohen said... 12/18/06 5:12 PM

well, razorblades are hard to hide in a room full of inflatable stuff. said prankster should probably opt for something more inconspicuous. like anthrax.

laurie said... 12/19/06 9:03 AM

i still think coop -- uh, i mean didi -- should have had her bday party there.

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