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Celia McCauley said... 01/02/07 9:28 AM

I really like this and can relate on many different levels. I know it was difficult for you to switch directions with Mose, but I'm looking forward to seeing more things like this!


ruth Cohen said... 01/02/07 9:47 AM

Adam I don't know who Cella is but I agree with her.

One of my non Jewish friends said if she sees a balloon of
baby Jesus she 's converting to Judaism!

Can't wait to see more.

Happy New Year to youy and your dear family


laurie said... 01/02/07 10:34 AM

welcome back! i'm excited -- loving the re-launch already! great first comic. happy new year!

C Kelly said... 01/02/07 11:28 AM

Yes! Love this new direction.

Adam Cohen said... 01/02/07 12:00 PM

Thanks, pals! Btw, I forgot to mention in the email I sent to subscribers that Mose will be running only 3 times a week (most weeks) moving forward. This will give me time to add some color, among other things.

Thanks again for reading!

Adam Cohen said... 01/02/07 12:01 PM

(This week, however, will have 4 toons. You'll be able to tell at the beginning of each week how many toons there will be by which days appear at the top o' page.)

DB said... 01/03/07 4:11 PM

Deep one. Bravo.

wee flowers said... 01/04/07 6:39 AM

so far my favourite of the new series. but i miss the old mose....sniff

Elias Hiebert said... 01/05/07 10:23 AM


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