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laurie said... 01/08/07 9:29 AM

i love mose's new hairdo!

Adam Cohen said... 01/08/07 10:33 AM

well, today's hairdo, at least. :-)

ruth Cohen said... 01/08/07 12:12 PM

I didn't think it was possible but it just keeps getting better and better!

Eric Knisley said... 01/09/07 5:28 AM

Really dig the new jangle-toon style. It's getting more cartoony and more designy at the same time! Would love to see it animated. Nice job, man.

Cory said... 01/09/07 6:45 PM

Hi Mr. Cohen, its Cory. I had no Idea you did so many cartoons! This is really inspiring me to do some myself :D

Scott said... 01/09/07 8:34 PM

Are changing to three toons per week? What prompted the style change? Thanks.

Adam Cohen said... 01/09/07 9:34 PM

It's to free up some time to add color (which didn't take long for today's toon, of course), and some other site expansions I'm working on. Lots of stuff in the works...but so few free hours in the day. :-)

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