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the schultz said... 01/17/07 10:22 AM

Hooray for The Bouncy Place!

laurie said... 01/17/07 11:31 AM

caveman. bouncy place. sheep. max headroom kiefer sutherland looking guy. calvin! very funny.

Adam Cohen said... 01/17/07 12:44 PM

max-kiefer-looking guy is actually Jimmy Stewart in 'Vertigo!'

Cory said... 01/17/07 3:04 PM

Whoa, how did you get all the cartoons inside the strip?

Adam Cohen said... 01/17/07 3:53 PM

the magic of Photoshop, my friend. :-)

DB said... 01/18/07 11:43 AM


matt said... 01/18/07 12:42 PM


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