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mandy said... 01/20/07 12:34 PM

adam, this makes me want to make sexy time with you

mandy said... 01/20/07 12:34 PM

are you married by the way?

Adam Cohen said... 01/20/07 8:39 PM

At last...rock star appeal.

mandy said... 01/21/07 2:57 PM

no really, are you married?I mean, even if you are, i can roll with that. I'm very secretive. ;)

the schultz said... 01/22/07 9:49 AM

Secretive, clearly. :)

Congratulations on your first groupie!

laurie said... 01/26/07 4:04 PM

and on my favorite cartoon, no less!

here's a fun question:
which one of the above characters do you think mandy thinks you are?!

Adam Cohen said... 01/26/07 9:00 PM

i'm the red ball with the white stars.

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