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laurie said... 01/22/07 8:11 AM


Adam Cohen said... 01/22/07 9:50 AM

funny cuz it's true, huh?

laurie said... 01/22/07 11:39 AM

yeah, totally. but the mass of filling was yuckier, in the end, than your cartoon represents! also, i think we stuck it to the tv screen.

Doug said... 01/22/07 12:34 PM

As our father said-the middle has all the flavor, but all the nutrients are in the outside.

scott said... 01/22/07 10:48 PM

where's the love for the outside of an oreo.....

mandy said... 01/23/07 4:07 PM

i'd like some of adam's filling, if you know whats i mean. :0

the schultz said... 01/23/07 8:40 PM

If i would have known it was gonna be that kind of party, i'd have brought the ________!

laurie said... 01/26/07 4:07 PM

see. i step away for a minute and mandy shows up!

tell us mandy. whats DO you mean?

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