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the schultz said... 01/26/07 8:15 AM

Hooray! You got your first groupie last week, and this week, your first spammer!!!!!


You are on your way buddy.

Celia McCauley said... 01/26/07 2:49 PM

ok, Adam - are you trying to get me choked up??? Since the kids have all been good today I don't like the idea of them flying the coop. Maybe tomorrow you could should one of them coming back to the nest???

laurie said... 01/26/07 4:08 PM

this drawing is beautiful. i'd love to hang it on my wall.

Adam Cohen said... 01/26/07 5:11 PM

Good idea! I'm gonna start making prints available...that's been on the To Do list...gimme a week or two.

DB said... 02/02/07 3:34 PM

i want one of these too.

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