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Leapin' Bob said... 02/05/07 8:47 AM

United Airlines messed up "Rhapsody in Blue" for eternity.

Just Bitter said... 02/05/07 10:36 AM

Can "Bittersweet Symphony" ever be listened to again without thinking of overcranked sports footage?

Yuch said... 02/05/07 12:18 PM

"Bargain" by the Who, I think of a used car lot everytime, sad way to put a kink in a great album.

mattH said... 02/05/07 7:23 PM

I woke up and Jane's Addiction's "Up the Beach" was playing - it was loud and way too early. Oh, and I was behind the wheel going about 70 in the median of the interstate. Yikes!

laurie said... 02/06/07 4:03 PM

I waited tables for an entire year to the [previously great] Gypsy Kings album.

bubba said... 02/07/07 2:06 PM

I rode with a guy once who kept singing Al Stewart's "Year of the Cat" over and over and over again. I still laugh whenever I hear it.

Eric Knisley said... 02/17/07 5:47 PM

"Pinball Wizard" is always going to be associated with one particularly horrible drug experience, which is actually sort of lucky since the song is fairly bad in the first place.

I was singing "Amazing Grace" at the moment that I fell out of my grandfather's barn and broke my wrist in two places. But again, I didn't really like that song that much.

"Karma Chameleon", on the other hand, was completely ruined by the experience of Culture Club singing it, and it's really not a bad pop song. The Bee Gees pretty much ruined all the Bee Gees songs for me by performing and recording them and then putting the tunes out in record stores where they could be bought and played over and over and over again by my delusional and tone-deaf 70s compatriots. "Muskrat Love" will always be associated with the act of listening to "Muskrat Love" on the radio with my jaw hanging down to my feet in disbelief and horror...so I guess that's pretty much ruined, eh?

Working at Kinko's didn't ruin any songs for me, but it did make the sound of a photocopier quite repellent.


Adam Cohen said... 02/17/07 7:19 PM

ha ha!

Alison Cardinale said... 03/01/07 8:34 AM

Any and all of They might be Giants
Friends drove around overplaying it, I can never hear their nasal voices without cringeing.

sonicboy said... 03/01/07 12:05 PM

the clash is associated with my current girlfriend.

sure, things are great now, but its only a matter of time before history repeats, making fodder my collection.

Adam Cohen said... 03/01/07 1:22 PM


Kathy said... 03/01/07 3:28 PM

Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush
as my freshman roommate played it over and over again while eating hot wings w/ blue cheese dressing in our very tiny room.

Adam, got onto this site quite by chance and am really enjoying your work.

Adam Cohen said... 03/03/07 10:47 AM

Thanks for reading, Kathy! And your runined song experience cracks me up!!

Kerry said... 03/06/07 12:00 PM

I was irritated that my favorite college professor and mentor hadn't responded to my emails in about a month. Paul Simon's "Slip Sliding Away" was playing when I Googled my prof and found where he had died of a heart attack one month earlier.

An apropos tune? Probably, but I totally can't enjoy that song anymore.

Jen said... 03/13/07 6:13 PM

Listening to Guster's "all the way to heaven" while playing pokemon gold.. a high school past time, and now if i put in that disc, i'm haunted by my mundane wastes of time.

The Matriculating E said... 05/06/07 12:43 AM

Any Carly Simon song after working 2 years at Talbots, an overpriced, pretentious clothing store. My jaw clenches any time I hear her voice now.

Glenn said... 05/08/07 4:08 AM

Any christmas carol, ever, simply by living in this world and being forced to 1: sing them in school and 2: work 10 hours a day in a supermarket over the period.

It would be nice to be able to listen to any song about christmas and get into 'the spirit', but overplaying has completely sucked the soul out of those things for me.

Barry Worrall said... 06/13/07 12:29 PM

I worked in a spam factory in Belle Vale (Liverpool) and had a laugh for about 2 years in there, that song (how bazzar) and (mambo no5) were always on the radio, half an hour on, half an hour off that was the shifts. Them 2 songs remind me of the time spent in the canteen reading the paper for the 7th time, and putting my wages in the £100 fruit machine.

Chris 'the artist formerly known as Chandek' Peace said... 07/24/08 5:52 PM

Adam, Just to turn this exercise on its side a bit, I used to work in a restaurant that WAAY overplayed Dionne Warwick's Greatest Hits, all the Bacharach songs, and I found myself almost frustrated that I COULD NOT hate it despite hearing it on repeat, on a cassette, so also with dulled dynamics, every night for months. I just found myself loving those songs more and more, and still love them more every time I hear them now--though I think that movie scene with the people singing 'Say a Little Prayer for You' came pretty close to ruining that song for me, thank GOd it failed.

On another tip, what initially drew me in here was a lawn mowing incident of my own that scarred me in a different way. I was out mowing and singing 'Don't Let it Bring You Down' in my worst 12-year-old transitional falsetto, and my panicked older brother cam running down to the back of the yard waving his arms and telling me that I was singing really loud and that you could hear it all over the neighborhood. It's taken me 27 years to start singing again without fearing the possibility of panic stricken listeners. Now they can fend for themselves. Awesome strip.

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