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laurie said... 02/16/07 9:04 AM

This is a piece of fine art.
That happens to be funny.

Love. It.

Mimi said... 02/16/07 9:55 AM

I am pretty certain that you visited my boy's classroom recently...
I don't want my child corked!

Eric Knisley said... 02/17/07 5:55 PM

Go Adam go! These stylistic experiments are getting better and better...rock out!

Rob said... 02/18/07 10:36 PM

Corking the SPAM

ejjjik said... 04/07/07 7:59 PM

that's awesome!

severina said... 04/08/07 9:29 AM

nobody can stop the development of the particular guys. about the others...it's a pity.

Bill Porter said... 07/03/07 2:39 PM

Love the comics. This is my favorite of them all. Unfortunately dead on. My middle school art teacher was just like this; heck I've had a few art teachers like that over the years.

Marx said... 09/25/07 3:24 AM

I found this one by pilphering around on you MYSpace..freaking brilliant! resounding appause my man!
I want a copy ...signed of course. Perhaps a trade or barter would be in order.
or dollars if you wish.

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