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Paul Robinson said... 03/16/07 7:29 AM

You're aware that imaginary numbers are denoted with an i, yes?

For example, the square root of -1 is 1i

Not as fun as beefaroni, admittedly, but you know Dad there should start saving for a PhD in Mathematics... :-)

Bob Smithwick said... 03/16/07 8:31 AM

Or perhaps she is unconsciously referring to the numerological significance of the letters in "beefaroni". If each letter corresponds to its numerical position in the alphabet (a=1, b=2, etc.), beefaroni would be 75, which is of course the "pentagonal pyramidal number" (sum of the first five pentagonal numbers). Very powerful number that. Excellent choice.

Adam Cohen said... 03/16/07 9:53 AM

oh my. what the hell have i wrought?

laurie said... 03/16/07 9:54 AM

ok i was just signing on to say "awesome."

The Schultz said... 03/16/07 10:12 AM

Yea, well i was just thinking that like, if you just kindof leave i out there by it's little i self, it just kind of looks like a 1. - - i - - see, yea not as smart as those other fellas.

Doug Cohen said... 03/16/07 2:31 PM

Since when isn't beefaroni a number-damn new math

jonathan said... 03/16/07 5:54 PM

hmmmmm..... beefaroni!!!

daph said... 03/17/07 11:32 AM

could be exi, the number six in greek

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