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Marx said... 03/19/07 5:40 AM


I love this toon. It's one of the best of your new revamped Mosetoons. Pitifully I can relate to the damned thing.
Hope all is well...would love to get you to come by the school next quarter...this one ends this week...the newone starts in 1 1/2.

o'brug said... 03/19/07 6:15 AM

This one is fabulous! One of the best you've ever done.

laurie said... 03/19/07 11:09 AM

oh wow.

Soo said... 03/22/07 3:45 AM

this is superb! it's amazing! you're really really talented. What do you do for a living?

Adam Cohen said... 03/28/07 11:19 AM

advertising, alas.

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