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James Wright said... 04/25/07 1:08 AM

Man, that is so good. Can I keep this as my desktop? Really well done.(And kinda hits home...)

marx myth said... 04/25/07 5:45 AM

I must admit your new venue...the revamped Mose was at first an acquired taste. I really enjoyed the traditional impact of your short narratives in the old style...the characters were as real as any animated feature or series. I was nonplused by your new twist, but I must say you have won me over.
I see these in the same vain as Jules Feiffer...or perhaps even Saul Steinberg...very brainy.
Good work
I hope you can come out again to the school again

laurie said... 04/25/07 7:38 AM

oh man. this is my new favorite. so so great. nice work adam. we're all cheering for you out here!

The Schultz said... 04/25/07 10:39 AM


Bravo Adam. Bra-vo.

DB said... 04/25/07 11:24 AM

great one.

Adam Cohen said... 04/25/07 4:51 PM


Eric Knisley said... 04/27/07 9:49 AM

Great work, man. Your new approach masks depth and complexity in an enormously attractive envelope of good drawing. Looks simple but is in fact deep. This one in particular really nails it home--it's got Saul Steinberg-like emotional depth and Kliban-like graphic goodness.



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