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Stone said... 05/02/07 1:20 PM

As a 19yr old, child of two, this just makes me sad. I usually look at your work and it makes my day. This on the other hand makes me feel sorry for my parents. My dream is to be a parent, to be happy with my family, and never live in the past. Sorry if I missed the point.

Adam Cohen said... 05/02/07 4:36 PM

yes, well, this probably wasn't the reality for the parents of the people who sent me these photos...in fact i KNOW it wasn't. but i decided to throw that wistful tone into it anyway. sure, it's sad. that's okay. we'll live.

Stone said... 05/02/07 8:11 PM

Don't get me wrong. Like all your other works, I love it.

Eric Knisley said... 05/03/07 7:13 AM

It doesn't seem that sad to me. Wistful, yeah. My own parents have told me about their "dreams deferred", the alternate fates they'll never have since they decided to get married/have children/etc. Hey, it applies to all of us--you make one choice, that eliminates another choice.

We're seeing these parents at wistful, pondering moments, but I'll bet you dollars to donuts that they have other moments--the child's first step, first words, first blossoming into a unique individual--where they wouldn't change places with anybody on earth.

Adam, maybe you could do a companion piece to show that angle? Cheers,


Adam Cohen said... 05/03/07 4:54 PM

heck, just look at all the past toons of adorable moments of MY kids.

no worries, Stone. i appreciate your close reading.

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