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Comments (7)

Paul said... 06/20/07 7:48 AM


Upside Up said... 06/20/07 1:33 PM

So glad you're back!!

Jason W said... 06/20/07 3:15 PM

we missed you!

ejjjik said... 06/20/07 4:11 PM

i missed you too :-)
and this one is absolutely brilliant! :-)

Adam Cohen said... 06/20/07 4:37 PM

thanks, glad to be back!

grumphreys said... 06/21/07 2:16 AM

glad you're back as well... this one nails it. well done -

Angel Starlight said... 06/23/07 2:15 PM

God!! Tell me about it! Where are my people? Or at least my desert island?

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