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flu said... 07/11/07 5:07 AM

I feel stupid.

The Schultz said... 07/11/07 9:24 AM

It's like Opus, in space, on acid, and you know, different.

Adam Cohen said... 07/11/07 11:35 AM

Things are shifting here... I'm posting some sketchbook excerpts for a few days, then bits and pieces from some larger, purely visual projects I'm working on. There probably won't be many words for a while.

Hope folks keep checking in and watching the developments!

laurie said... 07/11/07 11:55 AM

Love the sketchbook scan.

Eric Knisley said... 07/11/07 11:56 AM

Go Adam go! This blog is an inspiration. Seeing you charging out on the wire without a net like this makes me feel puny and weak (not to say envious), and fills me with a fury to create! Go on with your bad self. After seeing this new one I sat down and drew in my sketchbook for 15 minutes without lifting the pencil off the paper, then made one drawing every five seconds for two minutes. And now I'm going to soak my drawing hand in ice. More!


Horace Tidas said... 07/14/07 1:03 PM

Neither Eric Knisley nor Adam Cohen nor the worlds they illuminate will ever be puny and weak. Keep swinging your lanterns, boys!

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