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Marx said... 07/20/07 5:34 AM

Monsieur Mose
I love this...
I revel in the fact that you displayed it like it was in a sketchbook
...seems to add to the aesthetic of the "thing".
What is the caption..."2d or not 2d?"

M Mouse said... 07/20/07 8:23 AM

I dont' get it... what is it?

Adam Cohen said... 07/20/07 11:51 AM

just art. don't know if you can describe this as a "cartoon" site anymore. i'm having fun with new directions. i encourage all to stick around and see how things unfold. with any luck, it'll be just as much a surprise to me as anyone else!

coasterfan said... 07/20/07 12:36 PM

For your inspiration... How about something related to roller coasters? I think some of us coaster enthusiasts would like that.

Adam Cohen said... 07/20/07 5:41 PM

(this is called "Shelter," by the way.)

Josh said... 07/23/07 5:05 AM

wow. very cool. I love the new direction

Susan S said... 08/31/07 10:34 PM

I check in with your work periodically. I did enjoy your funny cartoons, but I enjoy the "art" too. Thanks.

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