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ejjjik said... 08/10/07 12:48 PM

i really miss your funny comics

Mara said... 08/10/07 4:37 PM

love these sketches!

Eric Knisley said... 08/13/07 9:36 AM

Did you deliberate long on the placement of the gray squares? They really bring the piece to life and make it a coherent whole, is why I'm asking.

Loving the "new old" stuff...keep 'em coming. I swear to God I'm going to get my own sketch blog going soon...

Adam Cohen said... 08/13/07 7:25 PM

thx...i didn't obsess over it too long...tried to bring the same spontaneity with which i treated the drawings.

i, of course, will be the first fan in line to subscribe to your blog. get on it!

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