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Eric Knisley said... 08/20/07 6:46 AM

Damn...that's one fine image. Every time I look at it, I see something different. I find it a bit creepy--the suggestion of hands "molding" or "clutching" something seems a bit sinister to me. And the left hand (on our right) looks huge and powerful, more like a bear's claw (not the pastry, the animal's appendage) or something. I can see a suggestion of a rag-doll like...something-or-other towards the bottom of the image, too. Nice work, Adam...creepy but nice. Just like you! 8-)

Coop said... 08/20/07 2:55 PM

The one on the left looks like a fallopian tube meeting its ovary. (a woman's perspective)

The Schultz said... 08/21/07 11:36 PM

This makes me feel dirty.

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