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Eric Knisley said... 08/29/07 5:08 AM

Looks like a film festival poster designed by Picasso. I mean that in a positive way, Adam. It's a great image!

Adam Cohen said... 08/29/07 9:31 AM

Thanks...this one's from around 1998. (Been posting things from all over the place these days...Monday's was a recent piece.)

laurie said... 08/29/07 10:46 AM

eric -- that's exactly what i was going to say! it looks like a poster for a festival i'd like to go to! beautiful adam.

Marx Myth said... 08/29/07 3:17 PM


it is amazing that everyone saw the similarities/influences.
I might add it's like a gene-splice of Picasso/Miro with Dubuffet sprinkled in.
Love the overall aesthetic {c:


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