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Adam Cohen said... 09/05/07 7:19 AM

This one's from back around '91.

Eric Knisley said... 09/05/07 8:39 AM

That's a very different look, Adam--was there an artist in particular who you were looking at at the time? I can see your later style there, but it's almost completely overlaid with this other look. Reminds me of Chester Brown, for some reason. Nice one. Kind of creepy, in a way, but nice too.

Adam Cohen said... 09/05/07 4:41 PM

thanks, E! wasn't looking at anyone in particular...i remember i was doing an exercise where i would just draw abstract shapes then see figures in them and develop those.

Paul said... 09/06/07 10:11 PM

You have a gift for faces. Wonderful expressions.

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